Friday, June 8, 2012

Master Plankers

Bryan planes cedar planking
June 5, 2012
"Bryan was startled by his own sneeze! Mr Gerstemeier actually did alot of work! He's not just another handsome face. (LIES! - about the handsome face) We glued planks and then nailed them. Bryan and Gersty cut out and spiled a plank.

As usual Chico was left in school by choice to be with his girlfriend. I guess love does those things to you...

Master Plankers

As for Stanaynay she got ate by a lion named Mustapha. We think she survived but she didn't make it to school. 

Brianna caulks the next plank to go on.

As for Gina, she actually worked today!! :-)

Rashid and Dan were master plankers and are planning on challenging Bruce and Nick to a planking show down. 

Brigith adjusts her plane.

It was another great day at boat building and it was so cool at 50 degrees." 

By Dan, Rashid, Brigith, Brianna, Brian

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