Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rashid and Dan steambend ribbands.

Caleb cuts notches for the ribbands.
Brigith attaches molds to supports. 

"We used drills to make holes and screw in nails. We also learned how to steam wood and bend it down to the molds. Just had to make sure to do it accurately and quickly because of the soft fibers and how quickly the wood can become hard again. We chiseled some areas to help put the ribbons into place. We also put molds onto the second boat."  
                 By Brianna Webb

Brianna and Caleb check off tools used.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brianna marks out the floor stations. 

'Today we marked/layed out the floor on the keel. We bevelled the floors using the bandsaw and drum sander. I used a file and sandpaper.'    By Brianna Webb

Feb 3, 2012

Dan Bajo seals the stern post. 
'Today we broke into three groups. In one group we made the floors and Stanajah broke the screw head while screwing the wood together. Brian made center lines for the floor. Lastly Dan and Ian mounted the transom.'  By Stanajah White                                                                                          
Bryon Thompson lays out lines.

Stanajah White
Rashid Martinez

Jan 27th, 2012

Bryon Thompson uses a spokeshave to bevel the molds. 
'Today we worked with multiple members here with the CHAD boatbuilding club. Some members worked on the floors, some members beveled the molds. Also I worked with Bruce and Chico building another keel for another boat.
Today was another great day and we will be back again next week.'
                                                                                                               By Dan Bajo
Dan Bajo, Chico Guevara, and Rashid Martinez help put the second keel together.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jan 20, 2012

Rashid Martinez and Stanajah White layout the stem.
 CHAD Students join staff members of the Workshop on the Water twice a week to learn to build boats. With their help we will have two 14' Whitehall built for spring.
Along with instructor Jeff Gerstemeier, the students who joined us were:
Rashid Martinez
Stanajah White
Bryon Thompson
Ian Hornbaker
Chico Guevara

Ian Hornbaker and Bryan Thompson cut out ribbon stock.
"After an early arrival Chico, Ian and I cleaned and prepared wood that we were going to use today. We did some cutting with the table saw while Stanajah and Rashid prepared the layout for the stem. We then cut out the wood to make ribbons. By the end of the day we had another stem ready."

 Bryon Thompson