Friday, June 8, 2012

Pushing wood is hard

June 6, 2012

"Adun was soo awesome today!! She deserves cupcakes courtesy of Mr Pratt and Shahada and Michelle. Michelle shouldn't get any but we're nice people so she should get 1. Adun planed and figured out you really have toput your weight into it. Shahada learned pushing wood is hard. Mr. Pratt learned how to lift wood. THE END... 4 now Bwahahahaha!!!!" By Adun Laniya

Master Plankers

Bryan planes cedar planking
June 5, 2012
"Bryan was startled by his own sneeze! Mr Gerstemeier actually did alot of work! He's not just another handsome face. (LIES! - about the handsome face) We glued planks and then nailed them. Bryan and Gersty cut out and spiled a plank.

As usual Chico was left in school by choice to be with his girlfriend. I guess love does those things to you...

Master Plankers

As for Stanaynay she got ate by a lion named Mustapha. We think she survived but she didn't make it to school. 

Brianna caulks the next plank to go on.

As for Gina, she actually worked today!! :-)

Rashid and Dan were master plankers and are planning on challenging Bruce and Nick to a planking show down. 

Brigith adjusts her plane.

It was another great day at boat building and it was so cool at 50 degrees." 

By Dan, Rashid, Brigith, Brianna, Brian

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chico planed and planed and planed...

Dan cuts down a plank.
Brianna lays out a plank.
"Bryan put a plank on the boat. Brianna bandsawed better than Dan with a 16ft plank. She also spiled a plank. Dan and Chico worked with Bruce and Dan hit himself in the head with a shovel. Chico planed and planed and planed....." 

By Bryan Thompson

Bryan plugs holes.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A busy day

May 8, 2012

Brigith and Brian help bend a plank into place.
Sad Chico.
Beveling laps.
 "Today we worked on many different tasks such as bending wood, planking, putting floor measurements down. Others worked on planing wood, the table saw and bandsaw. We were always busy today, no time for rest. I guess that's because we couldn't meet last week for boats because Bruce and the gang were out of town. Also Dan broke a blank and his floor measurements are wrong. PLEASE CHECK HIS WORK!!!" 
 By Stanajah White

A tree was wasted

April 18, 2012

"Today we've done spiling. Though a lengthy process in the end it comes with great accuracy. Also we learn measuring is a hard process from some people. 

A cut will not come out good unless your lines are straight and clear. A tree was wasted today to do some mistakes"  

By Paul Beltram

All that was done

April 17th, 2012

Brigith and Chico balance working hard and having fun.
 "Today Dan broke 3 batons and recorded the wrong measurements on them ans well, but luckily Stanajah saved the day and checked his work. 

Brigith wore safety glasses and protective ear wear because she was cold. Brian assisted on the bandsaw with Chico and Brigith. Rashid accomplished a lot today. 

Mr. G just watched with his physics shirt. Ian recorded measurements and cut wood. Joel did planing and cut wood on the bandsaw." 

by Stanajah White

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Valuable skills

April 11, 2012

"Today we learned very valuable skills to apply to our life. We used a planer on various items all of which were wood based. Next we sat the wood down to be heated, using clamps we attached the piece of wood to the boat." 

By Santino Mellurure


April 10, 2012
Stanajah checks the plank lines. 

"Today we did some spiling and cut out a plank. Some of us made sure the measurements on the boats were in the right places so we could start planking." 

By Stanajah White

Rashid planes a plank to fit.
"Now Rashid and I were hard working and are the reason why the boat will float because we began planking. Bruce, Nick and Gersty were great mentors and Rashid and I gave them their props. 

But Gina was trying to help out and took pictures and avoided catching Nay Nay in the camera because you know, the camera was expensive." 

By Dan Bajo

Bevel Practice

March 28, 2012

"Today I continued my practice making the bevels. I had to plane flat and curved for different layout types on a boat. Also I saw what the others were working on with the cannons." 
By Demetrius Spicer

Saturday, April 7, 2012

FUBAR and fitting floors

Dan gets the floor right.
  "We planed the floors to level them. Rashid and Bryan practiced planking. 

Brianna, Dan and Gersty worked on floors by chiseling and beveling. Dan messed up twice, Gersty 3 times and Brianna had it right the first time. Because as Gina said, girls have more patience.

Ian worked with Nick to line off.

Also Gersty got a review on physics and how force wand mass have an effect on how fast a piece of oak could be beveled down. 

Chico was busy with his girlfriend and Stanajah got lost on her way over here. 

Also Rashid and Dan enjoyed some fresh Mediterranean cooking before heading over here. 

Brianna shows them how it's done.

FUBAR -- Gersty gave his students a lesson on what FUBAR means. He said it means 'Fixing Up Boats And Rafts' but we thought it meant something else"

By Dan Bajo 

March 20th, 2012

Bryan cuts to the line.

Seniors ':-D Awesome! Today we worked on planing bevels for planks. Also we worked on floors"

Juniors ' Today we worked on planing bevels for planks."

Practice makes perfect!

March 16th, 2012

Caleb checks for square.

Brianna planes
some compound bevels.

 "We planed the planks, cut out practice boards, steamed and bent the remainder of the ribs and Gersty tripped on the steps" 
by Brigith Yanez

Cutting out boards.

March 16th, 2012

Bryan and Oren checking out the 1812 exhibit.
 "Today we: 
- steamed and bent wood
- 1812 exhibit tour
- drilled and screwed frames onto the boat after we steamed them
- And Oren was here!
- Rashid and Stanajah made a brace from the ceiling to the stern of the boat
- Gersty burnt his finger. "
By Bryan Thompson

Curator Craig Bruns talks about the new exhibit to the students.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 14, 2011

David Grier

"Today we made ribs and bent them on the boat, and we liked it, even though it took us all day. We can't wait to come back next week. " By Michelle Green

Michelle Gibsons

Shahada Mouyon

Checking out the day's work.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Learning to Spile

Bruce give a lesson on plank spiling. 
Caleb transfers spiling marks. 

 'We learned spiling today. We were learning to make planks for the boats. Next week we will be planking the boat.' By Bryan Thompson.

Chico, Dan and Brigith learn to line off planks.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ribbands and Spokeshaves

Bryan hones
his spokeshave skills.

'Bryan, Ian and Stanayah used the spoke shavers on the frames. Brigith and Chico shaved wood. Rashid and Dan steamed with wood frames to make the shape of the boat. We also made frames for the other boat. Chico also made many other things.'
By Brigith Yanez
Ian readies the molds for beveling.

It's important to always sign one's work.

Don't mess with Brigith.

These whitehalls are starting to look boatshape.
Dan, Rashid and Chico
are ready.

Proof Jeff doesn't just drink coffee
while the students work.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rashid and Dan steambend ribbands.

Caleb cuts notches for the ribbands.
Brigith attaches molds to supports. 

"We used drills to make holes and screw in nails. We also learned how to steam wood and bend it down to the molds. Just had to make sure to do it accurately and quickly because of the soft fibers and how quickly the wood can become hard again. We chiseled some areas to help put the ribbons into place. We also put molds onto the second boat."  
                 By Brianna Webb

Brianna and Caleb check off tools used.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brianna marks out the floor stations. 

'Today we marked/layed out the floor on the keel. We bevelled the floors using the bandsaw and drum sander. I used a file and sandpaper.'    By Brianna Webb

Feb 3, 2012

Dan Bajo seals the stern post. 
'Today we broke into three groups. In one group we made the floors and Stanajah broke the screw head while screwing the wood together. Brian made center lines for the floor. Lastly Dan and Ian mounted the transom.'  By Stanajah White                                                                                          
Bryon Thompson lays out lines.

Stanajah White
Rashid Martinez

Jan 27th, 2012

Bryon Thompson uses a spokeshave to bevel the molds. 
'Today we worked with multiple members here with the CHAD boatbuilding club. Some members worked on the floors, some members beveled the molds. Also I worked with Bruce and Chico building another keel for another boat.
Today was another great day and we will be back again next week.'
                                                                                                               By Dan Bajo
Dan Bajo, Chico Guevara, and Rashid Martinez help put the second keel together.