Saturday, April 7, 2012

FUBAR and fitting floors

Dan gets the floor right.
  "We planed the floors to level them. Rashid and Bryan practiced planking. 

Brianna, Dan and Gersty worked on floors by chiseling and beveling. Dan messed up twice, Gersty 3 times and Brianna had it right the first time. Because as Gina said, girls have more patience.

Ian worked with Nick to line off.

Also Gersty got a review on physics and how force wand mass have an effect on how fast a piece of oak could be beveled down. 

Chico was busy with his girlfriend and Stanajah got lost on her way over here. 

Also Rashid and Dan enjoyed some fresh Mediterranean cooking before heading over here. 

Brianna shows them how it's done.

FUBAR -- Gersty gave his students a lesson on what FUBAR means. He said it means 'Fixing Up Boats And Rafts' but we thought it meant something else"

By Dan Bajo 

March 20th, 2012

Bryan cuts to the line.

Seniors ':-D Awesome! Today we worked on planing bevels for planks. Also we worked on floors"

Juniors ' Today we worked on planing bevels for planks."

Practice makes perfect!

March 16th, 2012

Caleb checks for square.

Brianna planes
some compound bevels.

 "We planed the planks, cut out practice boards, steamed and bent the remainder of the ribs and Gersty tripped on the steps" 
by Brigith Yanez

Cutting out boards.

March 16th, 2012

Bryan and Oren checking out the 1812 exhibit.
 "Today we: 
- steamed and bent wood
- 1812 exhibit tour
- drilled and screwed frames onto the boat after we steamed them
- And Oren was here!
- Rashid and Stanajah made a brace from the ceiling to the stern of the boat
- Gersty burnt his finger. "
By Bryan Thompson

Curator Craig Bruns talks about the new exhibit to the students.